Susi Blasco

Since 1990 we have created our unique and handmade bracelet designs.

Since our inception, one of the major concerns has been to not deviate from the artisanal character by increasing production. Most of our products are made from raw material, such as leather or togo and in our workshops cutting, dyeing and making products.

The dyeing of our materials is done mainly by immersion and by hand, always making sure that the products made are environmentally friendly and harmless for handling.

The most present materials in our collections are leather, togo (imitation leather) and recycled leather. The textiles and metals we use are always free of cadmium and lead.

In our catalog you will find more than 900 models, being the product of which more variety we produce the bracelets, although in the last years we also included new references for bracelets, hair pins, necklaces, key rings, cigarette cases and rings, all performed with the same care and pampering as the first day.

We also make tailor-made tailoring for customers who want to produce their own designs, offering a level of finish similar to that of our own productions at very competitive prices.

Our advantages:

  • We are manufacturers: For more than 25 years we have been selling exclusively to wholesalers and professionals.
  • Permanent stock: We have most of our catalog with permanent stock, which allows us to serve your orders very quickly.
  • International shipments: 15 years ago we started exporting our products. To this day, we ship to 5 continents.

Susi Blasco

A brief introduction to the origins and history of our company ...

Susi Blasco began her career as a small artisan in 1990, making handmade leather bracelets and selling them locally to stores and acquaintances.

In the year 1995 and due to the success of its creations, Susi Blasco decides to make the leap and become a company of wholesale production of complements in leather made by hand and begins to sell to national level with success.

In 2002, a great step was taken in the company, participating in the international fair of Milan, beginning with this participation the international expansion of our products, being the first productions for Europe.

In 2003 and after participating again in the fair of Milan we began to serve orders to USA, Asia and Australia. As a result of the success of this fair we started to participate in fairs in Hong Kong and the United States, although this year our main market continued to be the national.

In recent years the trend has been of export growth being our customers of very varied type and ranging from department stores to small retail stores.