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    Showing 1 - 24 of 196 items

    Assorted bracelets, our largest section

    Here you will find most of our bracelet models. In these tubes we mix wide and narrow bracelets, varied colors and different materials to offer you the greatest possible number of combinations. Inside some of the tubes you can find also bracelets engraved, of textile and braided and all of them with different decorations, drawings and motifs. We are sure you will find the perfect bracelet.

    Buy assorted bracelets online

    We have tried to simplify everything possible in our web process to find the right bracelet. With our filters you can select the models for a huge amount of features. It selects the tubes of bracelets varied according to the material with which they are made, the colors that compose them or the width in which is the bracelets that compose it. Of course, you can always ask us any questions or ask us for advice about the best models.

    Assorted wristbands directly from the manufacturer

    In SusiBlasco we have been manufacturing handmade bracelets for more than 25 years. 90% of our materials are of European origin, mostly Spanish and in our assorted bracelets, we keep all these details. Here you can find the best materials, the best finishes and the biggest variety of our stock, getting bracelets that not only stand out for their variety, but also for their quality.

    As direct manufacturers of wristbands, we only make sales to wholesalers and professionals, being our private prices and not being possible to buy from end customers. We are accustomed to large volume orders, our service is extremely agile and our prices very competitive.

    Why buy Susi Blasco bracelets?

    Although we think there are a lot of reasons to do so, let's list the ones we consider most important:

    Assorted bracelets directly from manufacturer

    - Competitive prices

    - Worldwide shipping

    - Permanent stock

    - 25 years of experience in the sector

    - Customer service as our first priority

    We are extremely concerned that the service of our assorted bracelets is of the highest quality, we know you have to like your customers, we make constant revisions of our working methods and the finished product before shipping. We also know that its range of products has to be as wide as possible while maintaining consistency and style, which is why we have made this huge selection of bracelets

    Timeless and seasonal assorted bracelets

    In our section of assorted bracelets can find more than 150 references, which include more than 400 different models of assorted bracelets. We are sure that no matter how special or strange the bracelet your customers are looking for, here you will be able to find it. Assorted classic bracelets and assorted seasonal bracelets adapted to the latest trends.

    We rely on the information provided by our customers to keep up to date on designs and in our more than 25 years making bracelets to evaluate the classic models that adapt seamlessly to any season and style. We hope you can find here the perfect bracelet for your audience.