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    Exclusive sale to wholesalers and professionals. More than 400 tube models and over 1.000 bracelet models available in stock at unbeatable prices and with great quantity discounts

  • Bracelets on offer
  • We are manufacturers

    For more than 25 years we have been selling exclusively to wholesalers and professionals.

  • Permanent stock

    We have most of our catalog with permanent stock, that allows us to serve your orders very quickly.

  • International deliveries

    20 years ago we began to export our products. To this day, we ship to 5 continents.

More than 300 references

A total of over 900 bracelet designs and much more ...

In our catalog you can find more than 900 different designs, being the product of which more variety we produce the bracelets, although in the last years we also included new references for bracelets, hair pins, necklaces, keychains, cigarette cases and rings, all performed with the same care and pampering as the first day.

We also make custom tailoring for clients who want to produce their own designs, offering a level of finish similar to that of our own productions at very competitive prices.

Manufacture and wholesale of bracelets

SusiBlasco is a company dedicated to the manufacture of bracelets, totally specialized and focused on this sector. The type of bracelets we manufacture are aimed at the purchase of impulse, flea markets, bazaars, craft fairs, tobacconists, gift shops, etc ...

Most of the bracelets that we offer in our catalog are currently of economic range. Our prices are highly competitive and our production capacity is very high. We offer bracelets in tubes and also with customized, unitary or special packaging on demand.

Bracelets manufacturers for more than 25 years

In SusiBlasco we have been manufacturing bracelets for more than 25 years. More than 90% of our materials are of European origin, mostly of Spanish origin and although due to the volume of our orders we have automated some of the processes, most references are still manufactured manually.

As direct bracelet manufacturers, we only sell to wholesalers and professionals. Our prices are private and it is not possible to buy from end customers. We are used to large volume orders, our service is extremely agile and our prices are very competitive.

Why buy bracelets directly from the manufacturer?

We believe that there are a huge number of reasons to do so, many of them probably already know, but we will list the most important ones:

- Total control of the production process

- Highly competitive prices

- Shipping to virtually any country

- Permanent stock of the most popular references

- More than 25 years of experience in the sector

- Customer service as our first and most important priority

We are extremely concerned that the production process of our wristbands is of the highest quality, we know that you have to like your customers. For this we make constant revisions of our working methods and the finished product before its shipment.

Wide range of bracelets

In our category of bracelets and their sections you can find more than 300 tubes of different bracelets / references. They include more than 900 models of bracelets, we are sure that you can find the right bracelet for your customers. We have models of bracelets that have been selling for more than 20 years, being totally timeless models and valid for any season, holiday, celebration or time of year.

Of course, you can also find news that we create periodically. We observe the trends in different fairs, the web and through the information that our customers communicate to us to be able to offer current bracelets adapted to the different seasons and fashions.